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Hi. I'm Calvin Brown.

With 20+ years in IT, I'm now referred to as an Enterprise Architect & DevOps Dev / Architect. Industry agnostic and I enjoy working with others who love technology. The smart ones at least!

A highly sought after consultant, tech magazine contributor, and I successfully run an consulting firm on a day-to-day basis.

My biggest achievement is being a parent, but, this software thing is a close 2nd.

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Here's some of the stuff I do.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
-John C. Maxwell

Amazon AWS

The power to transform, automate and scale on demand is the future that we have today. I'm a heavy advocate of both Cloud and Hybrid cloud models to dramatically reduce IT costs, and allow small and Enterprise customers to compete & access to the same services.

Xamarin Certified

Xamrin, the Microsoft tool that allows standard C# code to produce both iOS and Android apps is all but amazing. So amazing that I not only use it, I'm certified by Xamarin University. Why pay two or three times to build the same app? Xamarin has solved this issue.

Enterprise Databases

It's my belief that any software with great data structure will serve a companies needs long term. Knowing which datastore is as essential as the people you choose in your organization. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or Azure, Mongo and DynamoDB are all my skillset.

Microsoft .NET

C#, .NET Core, VB.NET, Windows Communications Foundation or Restful Services all fall under this umbrella. Implementations using 1.1-4.6.2

Here’s some stuff I've accomplished recently.

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.
-Bill Gates

Technology Magazine

This interview on Harnessing the benefits of microservices really got me talking about something I'm passionate about. Small, reuseable and predictable, high quality services. Take a read and tell me what you think.

Stackify - DevOps

DevOps is all the craze today, but do we really understand what that term means? Can a person who was a developer yesterday really securely deploy code to the world? See my take in this interview on DevOps now, and the future.


I must really love DevOps. I sat down to talk with TechBeacon about codifying the DevOps process to make it useful. How does it relate to in our business today? When is it safe to identify as a DevOps expert. Tell me your thoughts.

CA Technologies

Companies large and small rely on technology persons (like myself) to keep them in the game. Without user engagement and/or an interesting product, lets face it, most new brands wouldn't exist. I spoke with CA Technologies about who I how I view this.

Code Czar®

Muhammad Ali was once quoted as saying "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was." Drake didn't invent that kids. The point is, being the best in your IT field, department or row of cubes now has a face. Meet the Code Czar. He's king, but in a cool way. Grab yours today.

Amazon Web Services

Magazines and media are amazing places to discuss technology and I love doing it, but how do you implement this stuff; easily? Watch step-by-step videos as I do what I do best. Make tech less intimidating. I invite you to check it out. Feedback welcome.

Ask me questions, or have me make stuff.

Please be as specific as possible, and give me 24 hours to respond.

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