I am Calvin Brown

Want to know who I am? Well, I am a tech professional, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist from Mississippi. I left the countryside to enter the big world of technology, and after 24 years of IT experience, I’ve been crowned the ‘#softwarekang’. In 2002, I founded Kairu Consulting, a successful software consultancy business where we take business needs and dream up & deploy tangible and productive business solutions. Based in Atlanta & Los Angeles, Kairu Consulting has helped companies run smarter and faster by building products that we all use daily like BookMyStylist.com and Appraisal One.

Now for the fun stuff.

I lead a group of 900+ professional black coders with the desire to give back and the hopes of cultivating more successful black men and women in tech. I also contribute to technology-focused magazines, spreading knowledge and resources. Understanding the intricate dance between software developers and business owners, I wrote a book to help entrepreneurs bring their app-related visions to life through effectively communicating with developers without necessarily knowing the technical language.

That’s me! I do a lot of cool stuff, and I’m just getting started.